Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project DOMAIN: Our First Weapon in the Cyberwars

I wanted to give Omegans a brief update on a new software system we’re working on here at Omega World Control that I’m very excited about.  We’re calling this system “Project DOMAIN”, short for "Domination Of the Memosphere by Automated Intelligent Network". DOMAIN is a blogospheric monitoring & manipulation software suite which automates the process of reading and posting to blogs and other social media.  The system classifies sites using natural language processing, manages user accounts across numerous membership systems and can be used to inject memes en masse into any region of the memosphere.  We hope to make DOMAIN the blogospheric equivalent of the automated trading systems which Warren Buffet called “financial weapons of mass destruction.”

This is not a new idea; security company HBGary has already used similar software to attack Wikileaks, Anonymous and other undesirables on behalf of the US government.  Undoubtedly many other powerful interests, from large corporations to the cyber-spooks of the PRC are using this kind of technology as well.  However, for the Omega League DOMAIN is just the first component of a comprehensive system of cybernetic control which we call the Omega Brain.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tools like DOMAIN are the new weapons of information age warfare, and what’s so fascinating about this battlefield is that any small team of skilled technologists can take part in the combat effectively – no industrial nation-state resources are required!  As this new reality dawns on more people globally, I expect many groups like the Omega League to emerge and begin seeking cybernetic power.  Right now the battlefield is mostly composed of spammers, hackers, security forces, government and corporate agents and a few activist groups like Wikileaks.  But the struggle for cyberspace has just begun!  New power structures are emerging, new economic systems are being tried, new weapons are being deployed, and it’s anyone’s guess which groups will be left standing when the dust settles.  The important thing now is to arm yourself, and that is exactly what we are doing with project DOMAIN.

The bigger picture here is that the blogosphere can be viewed as the neocortex of the growing global brain in action, a cognitive metalayer in which various models of the world are presented and possible courses of action debated.  As this medium takes over from the old media among the triple-digit IQ crowd, the direction of the body politic will increasingly be determined by symbols on web pages – symbols which can themselves be generated by machines.  To put it another way, the blogosphere is an ideological ecology in which competing memes engage in a Darwinian struggle for control of the human minds that matter – and in this ecology machines have most of the advantages.

Cyberspace is therefore a realm of immense new powers which can be seized by anyone with the technical skills and boldness to do so.  Given this vast new space of opportunity, the question every intelligent person must ask him/herself is not: “why are you trying to take over the world”, but: “why aren’t you trying to take over the world?”

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