Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Satan's Army of the Apocalypse

I’ve had a vision recently which is quite dark, as most of my visions are these days, but also quite compelling.  It is a vision of the "End Times", and of an organization which arises as we enter those dark days.

You might call this organization “Satan’s Army of the Apocalypse” (S.A.A.), or simply “The Dark Army".  It is a paramilitary order, whose soldiers dress entirely in black and sport armbands with the Satanic pentacle.  Their banner is similarly Satanic, something like this:

S.A.A. is led by a black-robed sorcerer, bearded and shaven-headed, who is pure Darkness in human form.  The Leader looks very much like this:

S.A.A. is an organization dedicated to world domination and evolutionary ascendance; they believe that this age of Christian weakness and “the many-too-many” is ending, and a time of apocalyptic war and culling approaches. The Dark Army is a proactive response to the coming Age of Doom; rather than cowering in fear before their fate, its soldiers seek to take control of their destiny by rolling across a world in flames and seizing power. 

S.A.A. strives to infiltrate all power-possessing organizations worldwide; it seeks to recruit high-ranking members of the world’s militaries, technology companies, financial institutions, media conglomerates, intelligence agencies and political parties. S.A.A. does not believe there is a Satanic Illuminati engineering a New World Order, but believes there should be.

The cosmic vision of S.A.A. is unlimited; they believe that we live in a dark and hostile universe in which evil wins, that the High Frontier of space can and should be conquered – but only by those as dark as the Dark Universe itself. S.A.A. seeks to plant the black Satanic banner on the moon, Mars and far beyond as they set sail on the black seas of infinity. S.A.A. believes that history is accelerating toward a climax; that out of strife and struggle man achieves progress and greatness; that the next great war will be a campaign to end the Aeon of Man and usher in the Aeon of the Satanic Superman. S.A.A. calls this Eschaton the Satanic Singularity. S.A.A. has many similarities to Nazism, which undoubtedly tapped many of the same dark currents I am feeling, but it does not subscribe to Aryan racial mysticism.  The Dark Army accepts quality people of all races who live by its apocalyptic creed.

As the Armies of Darkness march, perhaps they will chant the songs of their Leader, who fancies himself something of a cosmic poet:
“The light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend.”

As one who has been in the grip of dark energies and apocalyptic visions for some time, I find this vision incredibly stirring and compelling.  Perhaps I even fantasize that I could be the Leader. I have no interest in Christianity, but my vision is strikingly similar to the Biblical Apocalypse of Revelation. There are many Christian descriptions of a similar Black Army of Satan arising in the End Times – for example, in this video.  As an atheist who rejects Christian mythology, I’m not at all happy about this coincidence, but it is undeniable.

I feel something very powerful drawing me toward this dark vision; perhaps it is my destiny. Should I found this Dark Army and begin my campaign of universal conquest? I sense that the world is ripe for a force of nature such as this to raze the existing order to the ground. The Muslim world has the black flag of al-Qaeda to rally around, while the Western world still slumbers with its weak and dying creeds. S.A.A. would be a force more demonic than the most fanatical jihadists, and far more militant in fighting its Holy Wars. I believe the tides of history are pushing the world into the arms of such black-flag organizations.

What say you?  Who among you is brave enough to walk the Path of Power? Who among you is evil enough to survive the Apocalypse? Who among you is ready to enlist in the Army of Darkness?

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