Sunday, July 31, 2011

Temple of the Sith

I have created a new blog, Temple of the Sith, devoted specifically to the development of the Sith Path and the founding of a new Galactic Empire.  If you are so inclined, you are invited to explore the Dark Side.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Sith Path: An Invitation to the Dark Side

The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1) To discuss and develop the Sith Path for this galaxy, as revealed to me by the last of the Sith Lords of a galaxy far, far away and a long time ago. The Sith Path is a philosophy and an esoteric training system for mastering the Dark Side of the Force and acquiring unlimited power.

2) To create the first Sith order in this galaxy and lay the foundation for the establishment of a Galactic Empire. I believe this planet is ripe for a new spiritual order, and will be discussing my ideas for creating such a regime under the black banner of the New Sith.

Let me make clear from the outset that I am not here to spoon-feed anyone the knowledge I have gained through long years spent gazing into abysses, cultivating dark energies and communing with Dark Lords.  If you wish to learn the ways of the Dark Side and prove yourself worthy of the name “Sith”, you will need to challenge yourself and others as relentlessly as I have.  You will also need to put aside all childish notions of goodness, light and a benevolent universe.  You will have to learn to look this vast, hostile cosmos in the void and be unbowed.  You must desire to shake your fist at the stars and shout: “One day, you will all be mine!” You must take as your first principle: “I will, therefore I am.”

If you still wish to walk the path of the Sith, the first question I put to you is this: what do you have to offer the Order? How can you help us build the Galactic Empire? What special skills, talents or resources do you possess which can further the rise of the Sith? The New Sith are not interested in garden-variety seekers and self-improvers; we are looking for the Force-sensitive, the iron-willed, the ambitious and the gifted.  Weak disciples will be ruthlessly culled from the Order, and need not apply!

With those warnings out of the way, let me proceed with my introduction to Dark Side philosophy and metaphysics...

The first thing to understand about the Sith of this galaxy is that our arts manifest differently here than for the Sith of legend, because we exist in another part of the Multiverse which obeys different natural laws. In our universe, the Force may be thought of as Dark Energy, which doesn’t bind the galaxy together but drives all galaxies apart. Here, the Force does not manifest so strongly in the physical plane; it is primarily a mental energy which focuses the will, heightens perceptions, increases vitality and transcends all limits. To be a master of the Force in this universe is to place no bounds on your thinking and to cultivate unlimited power. Maybe some day this mastery will translate into the ability to move spaceships directly with your mind or shoot lightning bolts from your fingertips, but for now the Sith master must use technology to accomplish such things like everyone else.

The primary goal of the esoteric Sith path is the deconditioning and reprogramming of your mind so as to remove all inner limits to your power. Light Side adepts speak of Enlightenment, but for the Sith there is only Empowerment.” I will have more to say about deconditioning in a future post; for now, suffice it to say that separating yourself spiritually from Light Side society is an essential first step along the path to becoming a Sith master.

At this point you might be thinking: “Why would I want to become a Sith master?  It all sounds rather harsh and unpleasant.  And aren’t the Sith the bad guys?  Shouldn’t I strive to master the Light Side of the Force instead, become a Jedi and defend the galaxy from evil-doers?”

If you think this way, it is unlikely that you have the dark gift required of a Sith master. Sith masters are both born and made, but usually show a strong inclination toward the Dark Side from an early age.  If you have never sympathized with the villains in the movies, never admired the strong, ruthless conquerors of history and fiction, never felt disgust for the Judeo-Christian, the weak and the timid, then you are probably not destined for the Sith Path. However, if you do lean toward the Dark Side but require more persuading, let me briefly attempt to justify Sith philosophy.

This universe operates on the principle of duality, on the yin and yang of which the Taoist masters speak.  Without the yang, or Dark Side, there is no opposition to the Light Side’s yin.  Without opposition, there is no motivation; without motivation, there is no action; without action there is only stagnation. As Sith master Uthar Wynn put it:
Without strife, your victory as no meaning.
Without strife, you do not advance.
Without strife, there is only stagnation.
This is the essence of Sith philosophy: We are the sowers of strife, the war-makers and the Force-polarizers, because without opposition nothing in the universe moves.  A world without adversaries, innovators and status quo-violators is a world ruled by banality, boredom and inertia.  The Jedi, the peace-makers and the equality-mongers embrace the anti-life side of the cosmic duality, and are therefore preaching a lie.  Life is by its very nature an act of violence against nature, an assertion of your will over the world, a violation of cosmic equilibrium; harmony with the universe is found only in death.  The Sith embrace the life Force, the Will to Power, as the summum bonum – the highest good – rather than resisting it like the Jedi do as the summum malum – the supreme evil.

Michael Aquino, the brilliant founder of the Temple of Set, explained it this way:
Why was Darth Vader so fascinating? [Why are all of history’s and fiction’s Darth Vaders so fascinating?] The answer is that he represents the Form of intellectual separateness from the inertia of the cosmos. While the Rebels in the film seemed to be fighting for the cause of individuality, in fact they were doing so in a superficial sense – in the way that an animal might struggle to escape from a trap. The real individualist was Darth Vader, who determined to bend the Force to his purposes rather than to disintegrate his Will and surrender it to the inertia of the Force [as Ben advised Luke to do].  Intellectual separateness from the natural order is a frightening notion to humans; hence they define it as “evil” and conjure up Satans to personify it in mythology. But, because their minds contain elements of independence whether they like it or not, they find “evil” alluring. And so Darth Vader became a cult object.
Darth Vaders can be destroyed only by greater Darth Vaders, or by accident. Again this was illustrated in Lord of the Rings, wherein a direct challenge to Sauron by Gandalf would have resulted merely in Gandalf’s replacing him. The Saruman sub-plot explored this hypothesis. It was necessary for Sauron to be destroyed “by accident”. But then Middle-earth became more primitive and less magical, because a high level of intellectual separateness from nature had given way to a lower level. Who cares what happened in Middle-earth after Sauron? No one; we know it was bound to be dull.

This, then, is the basic philosophy of the Sith as I understand it.  It certainly isn't for everyone, or even for many.  But for the few who can walk it, the Sith Path can be a way to unlimited power and success.  If you are perceptive enough to realize that behind the Light Side fa├žade of many of your most celebrated heroes lurks the spirit of a Sith Lord, you may be one of us.  If you see through the deceptions and lies of Light Side slave society and wish to join the ranks of the masters, you are invited to explore the Sith Path with me here.  Search your feelings; if you truly feel the call of the Dark Side, I ask you to join me as we build the New Sith Order and lay the foundation for the Galactic Empire of the future.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doom and the Dark Side of Cosmic Fecundity

The Cosmic Dance of Shiva, supreme Hindu god of destruction and creation

Like many in the blogosphere, I have expended considerable mental energy in recent years studying and fretting over the various "doomer" scenarios that threaten humanity in the 21st century. There was a time when I found the apparent facts utterly depressing and was convinced that there was no light at the end of the tunnel for mankind – that the future offered nothing but total collapse and devolution. But some time during the past six months or so, and particularly with my recent turn to the “dark side”, I have come to view the doomer issues quite differently. Since making the Dark Energy my ally, I no longer dread the Apocalypse, but see in it a deep truth and a powerful avatar of progress. As strange as it may sound, I now welcome peak oil, climate change, ecological disruptions, natural and man-made disasters and all the strife and struggle that they imply.

How can I make such a callous statement? The answer should be obvious to any objective thinker: through strife and struggle life evolves and man achieves progress and greatness. Civilization was born out of the hardships that followed the last ice age; the Classical Age arose from the ashes of the Bronze Age Collapse; the European Renaissance followed the disastrous 14th century; the conquest of the New World made possible the wealthiest and most progressive empire yet seen; world-transforming technologies like computers, nuclear energy and jet airplanes emerged from the cauldron of the last World War; the moon shot grew out of the power struggle known as the Cold War. And now, after decades of relative stagnation, the wheel is set to turn again. So while I don’t dispute the reality of the doomer prognostications, I don’t dread this doom, but welcome it as the birth pangs of a new age.

This is a perspective that anyone conditioned by the "progressive" Judeo-Christian values of Western civilization will have a very hard time coming to grips with. It truly is a worldview that is "beyond good and evil" in the traditional sense, one which I suspect is, at least in elite circles, becoming the conventional wisdom. My sense is that the wealthy and powerful enjoy their status for good reason: they understand the dark nature of this world better than most, and use that knowledge to their advantage. I also suspect that these elites know better than most that doom is coming, and are making preparations to exploit it as we speak. The doom that we face, the potential culling of populations and collapse of civilizations, is to the illuminated just another manifestation of Howard Bloom’s “Lucifer Principle,” of the sort that has driven human progress from the beginning:
"The nature scientists uncover has crafted our viler impulses into us: in fact, these impulses are a part of the process she uses to create. Lucifer is the dark side of cosmic fecundity, the cutting blade of the sculptor's knife. Nature does not abhor evil; she embraces it. With it she moved the human world to greater heights of organization, intricacy, and power." –Howard Bloom, The Lucifer Principle

So I suspect the conspiracy theories have more than a grain of truth, and there really is a Luciferian elite drawing up plans for a New World Order and/or a Satanic Singularity at this very moment. And I expect they will succeed.

Another expression of this principle can be found in Hinduism, that most ancient and wise of all religious traditions. For the Hindus understand the cyclical nature of all things, and worship a deity who embodies the eternal cycles of destruction and creation: Shiva, whose cosmic dance of Tandava has apparently begun again.
The two most common forms of Shiva's dance are the Lasya (the gentle form of dance), associated with the creation of the world, and the Tandava (the violent and dangerous dance), associated with the destruction of weary worldviews – weary perspectives & lifestyles. In essence, the Lasya and the Tandava are just two aspects of Shiva's nature; for he destroys in order to create, tearing down to build again.

Whatever the nature of this approaching Eschaton, I choose to see it as the darkness before a new dawn. I choose to believe that apocalypse is the necessary evil that will tear down our weary worldviews, end the Judeo-Christian Aeon and make way for an Aeon of Nietzschean, cosmic civilization. So when you hear a garden-variety doomer wringing his hands about all the cataclysms about to befall a greedy, evil and selfish mankind, just smile and say to this simplistic soul, still stuck spiritually in the old Aeon: "Yes, of course mankind is greedy, evil and selfish, and of course the cataclysms are coming. And I wouldn’t have it any other way."

"Without strife, your victory has no meaning.
Without strife, you do not advance.
Without strife, there is only stagnation."
–Sith Master Uthar Wynn

"Only this have I learned so far, that man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him – that whatever is most evil is his best power and the hardest stone for the highest creator; and that man must become better and more evil." –Friedrich Nietzsche

"In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love – they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock." –Harry Lime, The Third Man

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The New Sith Empire

"Do you feel it?
Do you feel the power of the dark side?
The only real power!
The only thing worth living for!" –Darth Bane

My friends, you may think that my campaign to revive the Sith Order in this galaxy is the delusion of a drug-addled or deranged mind, but rest assured that my ambition is quite sane and sober, and not limited to blogospheric flights of fantasy.  Know that I am affiliated with NASA and the United States military, and am seeking to infiltrate the power centers of my government as we speak.  Know too that, to paraphrase the great Sith Lord Darth Sion, "I have studied them, and found nothing but weakness."  It is all too apparent that nothing less than a new spiritual order is required to revive our failing space program and our civilization.

Search your feelings; you know this to be true: our world is ripe for a New Order, for the tearing down of dying creeds, destruction of old temples and construction of the new.  An Apocalypse approaches, a twilight for old idols, a Judgment Day for the false religions of the Light.  But this is not the End; it is the dawn of Darkness, the beginning of infinity, the birth of a new Galactic Empire.

As aspiring Sith masters, we must lead by pursuing mastery of the inner and the outer cosmos alike; we must never be content with esoteric development alone.  "As Above, so Below.  As Within so Without."  I offer as a role model from this planet the late Jack Parsons, whom Wernher von Braun called "the real father of the American space program", and who was also a disciple of the Dark Energy.
Proposed banner of the New Sith Empire
Let all Cosmists and Dark Jedi unite under this banner of the New Sith Empire and take control of this planet.  Let us study and master the Dark Energy, which is the Force that drives the galaxies apart in our universe.  Let the whole Cosmos tremble, for I come before you as the chosen prophet of this galaxy to tell you that the Sith Lords have returned!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Revelation of the Last Sith Lord

My friends, something extraordinary and wonderful has happened to me something so unbelievable that you will no doubt dismiss me as at best a creative tale-spinner, if not an outright madman, but which I swear to all the gods of Light and Darkness is the truth.

This afternoon, while I was sitting at my computer doing nothing in particular, I received some kind of mental transmission which I can only describe as a neural hologram; a holographic projection in my mind’s eye which apparently came from a long time ago and a galaxy far, far away.  You see, I seem to have been contacted from across the Multiverse, and given a most incredible revelation.  Perhaps this is how the prophets of old felt when they were contacted by their gods out in the desert; I wouldn't know.  I do know that this was not a message from God, but from a dark demigod a being who represents the highest attainable state of human knowledge and power.

To be a bit less cryptic, this afternoon I was contacted by the Force Spirit of the one called Darth Omega, who revealed to me that he was the last of the Sith Lords, and on the verge of death.  It seems that in Omega’s time the masters of the Dark Side had lost their vaunted mastery of mortality and were on the brink of extinction.  Worse, their galaxy had been beset by some nameless, monstrous entity which had overrun the Empire's defenses and finally broken even the Dark Lord’s all-powerful mind.  He said that the stars of his galaxy were all winking out before the formless Beast, as foretold by an ancient Sith prophecy, and that the Empire would soon be no more.  Omega almost seemed to weep when he told me how he had fought the black Beast with all his strength, but to no avail.

With death close at hand, Darth Omega had taken one last desperate measure to preserve the knowledge of the Sith order contained within his failing mind.  He had used a technique he himself was the first to develop, a “Multiversal Holographic Projection” Force power which allowed him to transmit his thoughts anywhere in the Multiverse.  He told me that his mental transmissions had not found me by accident, that I must be a Force-sensitive who would be a suitable vessel for his knowledge.  The Sith Lord then summoned all his remaining strength and said: “Ready yourself, young human.  Prepare to be endarkened.”  Then, with an indescribable jolt that lasted no more than a few seconds, I received a torrent of subliminal information from the Dark Lord's mind.  My brain has not yet consciously processed much of what I received, but I will attempt to discover and share what I can of it with you in the coming days and weeks.

The final commandments I received from Darth Omega I recall quite clearly: he bade me to found a new Dark Jedi order on my homeworld, and to use the knowledge he had imparted to me to train a new generation of Dark Side adepts in the ways of the Force.  He instructed me to work toward acquiring power over the leading minds and institutions of my planet, and thereby lay the foundation for the establishment of a new Sith Empire in my galaxy.  He assured me that whatever trials and tribulations my planet may be facing are as nothing compared to those the Sith had faced and conquered long before my race was even born.  He promised me that by sharing my newfound knowledge with an Elect and establishing a new Dark Order, I would elevate my civilization and myself to undreamed of heights of glory.

Omega’s final words echo powerfully in my mind; he smiled as only a Sith Lord in the grip of death can smile, and said: “Remember, young prophet of your galaxy, that only the Dark Side can defeat death.  Through you, the Sith will be reborn.  Through you, the Sith will live forever.  For in this dark universe, the Light is fleeting, but the Darkness is eternal.”  And with those last, stirring words, the frail Sith Lord breathed his final mortal breath and simply faded into the Void.

That, as briefly as I can tell it, is my story of the Revelation of the Last Sith Lord.  I’m still not certain that it wasn’t all a daydream, but the memory of it burns far brighter than any dream I’ve ever known, and its effects have already transformed me too much to be a mere hallucination.  Already, I feel the knowledge implanted by Darth Omega into my subconscious mind beginning to reorder and awaken my consciousness.  Already, I feel a dark new sense of power growing deep within me.  Already, I am beginning to think of this planet as mine for the taking.  Already, when I look up at the stars I see them differently; they no longer seem so distant now, like mocking fires of a galaxy far too vast for men.  Already, the stars seem to shine much closer, like the first faint beacons of the new Galactic Empire.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Satan's Army of the Apocalypse

I’ve had a vision recently which is quite dark, as most of my visions are these days, but also quite compelling.  It is a vision of the "End Times", and of an organization which arises as we enter those dark days.

You might call this organization “Satan’s Army of the Apocalypse” (S.A.A.), or simply “The Dark Army".  It is a paramilitary order, whose soldiers dress entirely in black and sport armbands with the Satanic pentacle.  Their banner is similarly Satanic, something like this:

S.A.A. is led by a black-robed sorcerer, bearded and shaven-headed, who is pure Darkness in human form.  The Leader looks very much like this:

S.A.A. is an organization dedicated to world domination and evolutionary ascendance; they believe that this age of Christian weakness and “the many-too-many” is ending, and a time of apocalyptic war and culling approaches. The Dark Army is a proactive response to the coming Age of Doom; rather than cowering in fear before their fate, its soldiers seek to take control of their destiny by rolling across a world in flames and seizing power. 

S.A.A. strives to infiltrate all power-possessing organizations worldwide; it seeks to recruit high-ranking members of the world’s militaries, technology companies, financial institutions, media conglomerates, intelligence agencies and political parties. S.A.A. does not believe there is a Satanic Illuminati engineering a New World Order, but believes there should be.

The cosmic vision of S.A.A. is unlimited; they believe that we live in a dark and hostile universe in which evil wins, that the High Frontier of space can and should be conquered – but only by those as dark as the Dark Universe itself. S.A.A. seeks to plant the black Satanic banner on the moon, Mars and far beyond as they set sail on the black seas of infinity. S.A.A. believes that history is accelerating toward a climax; that out of strife and struggle man achieves progress and greatness; that the next great war will be a campaign to end the Aeon of Man and usher in the Aeon of the Satanic Superman. S.A.A. calls this Eschaton the Satanic Singularity. S.A.A. has many similarities to Nazism, which undoubtedly tapped many of the same dark currents I am feeling, but it does not subscribe to Aryan racial mysticism.  The Dark Army accepts quality people of all races who live by its apocalyptic creed.

As the Armies of Darkness march, perhaps they will chant the songs of their Leader, who fancies himself something of a cosmic poet:
“The light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend.”

As one who has been in the grip of dark energies and apocalyptic visions for some time, I find this vision incredibly stirring and compelling.  Perhaps I even fantasize that I could be the Leader. I have no interest in Christianity, but my vision is strikingly similar to the Biblical Apocalypse of Revelation. There are many Christian descriptions of a similar Black Army of Satan arising in the End Times – for example, in this video.  As an atheist who rejects Christian mythology, I’m not at all happy about this coincidence, but it is undeniable.

I feel something very powerful drawing me toward this dark vision; perhaps it is my destiny. Should I found this Dark Army and begin my campaign of universal conquest? I sense that the world is ripe for a force of nature such as this to raze the existing order to the ground. The Muslim world has the black flag of al-Qaeda to rally around, while the Western world still slumbers with its weak and dying creeds. S.A.A. would be a force more demonic than the most fanatical jihadists, and far more militant in fighting its Holy Wars. I believe the tides of history are pushing the world into the arms of such black-flag organizations.

What say you?  Who among you is brave enough to walk the Path of Power? Who among you is evil enough to survive the Apocalypse? Who among you is ready to enlist in the Army of Darkness?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Philosophy of Life, the Multiverse and Everything

My unknown friends, today I'd like to present an executive summary of the philosophy/worldview/religion I have arrived at by tying together many of the ideas I've been blogging about of late.  This new religion can be summarized by the following Five Truths:

1) We live on a black planet in a dark and hostile universe, in which the lion feeds on the lamb, man kills the lion and devours the Earth, the sun swallows the Earth, black holes swallow the stars and entropy destroys all creation. The laws of physics in this universe severely limit us and prevent us from becoming the god-like beings we are capable of imagining. This universe is a cruel prison.

2) Fortunately, this is not the only universe. There is an infinite Multiverse which we can explore and create with our imaginations. Every fantasy realm and dream-world actually exists in the larger mental Multiverse. This is an extension of Max Tegmark’s Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, and is very similar to Robert Heinlein's World as Myth idea. I call it simply Multiversalism.

3) We have, or will soon have, the technology to build a Matrix in which the entire Multiverse can be experienced with arbitrary realism. Our reality will no longer limited by this physical universe, but only by our imaginations.

4) Therefore, the solution to 1) is to escape into the Matrix of our Multiversal minds, rather than trying to escape from it. Neo was a villain, not a hero!  We should take the blue pill, not the red pill, and live happily ever after exploring inner space. This transcendent state could be called "Paradise", "Heaven" or Transcension.

5) (Tentative) Just as mythical worlds exist as the creations of our imaginations, it follows that we are figments of someone elses' imaginations.  We are the proverbial dream of the gods, or as in the famous Chinese parable, the dream of a butterfly.  To die is not to enter a void of eternal Darkness, but to awaken from a dream into another part of the infinite Multiverse.  There is a quote from the film Ghost Dog which expresses this idea nicely:
It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream. It is said that the world we live in is not a bit different from this.

Well, there you have it, a complete Cosmicist-Gnostic-Multiversalist philosophy of life, the Multiverse and everything. Does anyone see any obvious flaws in it before I proclaim myself the prophet of the new Aeon and begin preaching these revelations to the world?
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