Monday, October 24, 2011

Enter the Sorcerer

“Alone upon the Sacred hill
with only the power of my will,
no sun, no moon, nor mount nor sea,
only the dark power that resides in me.
Shun all that is weak,
break through the veil,
disregard false reality,
the sorcery quest, oh silent tale.” –Nicholas Hall, Chaos & Sorcery

Welcome to the new home and blogospheric totum opus of the One Who Goes by Many Names: Sith Master Sean, Alpha Omega, The Cosmist, Sean Strange, Sean the Mystic and now, Sean the Sorcerer. Over the past few years I’ve been a prophet of doom, a Singularity theorist, founder of several new religions, online academies and world domination cults, inventor of new metaphysical models of the multiverse, writer of fantastic fiction and cosmicist poetry, comic book critic, super-troll and all around crazy bastard. I’ve finally settled upon “Sorcerer” as the best title for my manifold blogospheric personae, because what they all have in common is a desire to manipulate the reader’s consciousness via the magic of words and images – a dark art I like to call "word wizardry" or "memomancy."

My working model of the world is that it is the playground and battlefield of Sorcerers. From the infernal threads of creation, the Sorcerers weave new thoughtforms, which they transform by their dark arts into matterforms and energyforms. In this way religions, philosophies, works of art, sciences and technologies are created which can animate armies, build empires, erect great monuments, remake the world and illuminate the universe. Great wizards' wars may be waged entirely in idea space before manifesting upon the earthly plane. The generals of these ethereal battles are the Sorcerers, marshaling their ideological forces for attacks upon each others psychic citadels. Sorcery, in all its brutal glory, is a celebration of the only thing I truly believe in: the infinite power of the mind.

Look around: We live in a golden age of sorcery! Never before have so few ingenious and diabolical minds had so much power over so many. Whether they take the form of financial wizards manipulating monetary empires from towers of glass and steel, political enchanters pulling the levers of power from faraway capitols, media moguls controlling perceptions on a billion magic mirrors, technology moguls spinning worldwide webs of cybernetic logic, preachers casting global spells via scripture and sura, generals smiting enemies half a world away by the voodoo of drone and smart bomb, or advertisers mesmerizing millions with their black magic jingles, the Sorcerers are virtually omnipotent today.

What do I mean by sorcery? I define it as the art and science of manifesting the Will. It is the process of translating occult philosophy into magical working, scientific theory into technological device, political ideology into act of war, or aesthetic inspiration into work of art. In the civilization of my dreams, magic, art, religion and science have become a unified body of work called sorcery, and the arbitrary modern divisions of knowledge have been cast aside. Fantasists have given us alluring visions of such civilizations, in which sorcerous overlords and wizard-kings preside over vast empires by sheer force of will, in far-off lands with names like Atlantis, Hyperborea, Middle Earth and Zothique. My sense is that we are moving toward such regimes today, as the modern magician-states dispense with all pretense of democracy and become outright warlockracies. While most dread this development as the onset of some kind of diabolical "New World Order," I see it as the natural ascendancy of the masters of esoteric power.

For power, ultimately, is the Sorcerer's raison d'ĂȘtre. He understands that in this hostile universe, only greater power offers mankind any hope of survival. The Sorcerer seeks to harness what I call the Dark Energy – the Satanic current or Lucifer Principle which has driven life upward from primordial slime to the beast called man, and which will drive it further still to self-annihilation or far-flung cosmic empire. The Sorcerer is the ultimate transgressor, the enemy of every status quo, the creative destroyer and destructive creator who stands outside the mundane world of “good” and “evil” in his quest to steal the fire from heaven.

So welcome again to the new blogospheric bastion of one who unhumbly aspires to be master of the universe, architect of new orders, doctor of doom and sorcerer supreme. If your mind is strong and unfettered I think you will find this place of interest; if it isn't, then I will try like hell to free and fortify it – or failing that, destroy it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Thoughts About Our Order

"Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams; I crown me with the million-colored sun...(more)"
I’ve been thinking a lot about this cult of Cosmicist-Satanist sorcerer-ninjas that I've been trying to create of late, and which is so similar to the Sith of Star Wars that I borrowed most of their mythology for my site The main problem here is that the Sith aren't my creation – they're the invention of George Lucas, who is notorious for aggressively protecting his intellectual property. This will make it very difficult for the Sith Academy to become what it deserves to be – an esoteric school which offers courses, memberships and products to Force-sensitives who are drawn to the Dark Side wisdom – and eventually the nexus of a new empire.

So, rather than stealing other people's ideas, I think it would be wiser to create something original which takes inspiration from the Sith but doesn’t try to imitate them. We are, after all, inhabitants of the Milky Way galaxy, not the Galaxy Far, Far Away, so we shouldn't expect to have exactly the same cults and esoteric orders here. What's important to me are the ideas and aesthetics. Some of the elements I’m looking for in an order include:

The Dark Universe Hypothesis: Darkness is the rule in our universe, not Light. To quote myself: “The Light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend.” The religions of the Light are therefore cruel deceptions, born of slavery and fantasy and a futile desire to escape the harsh realities of this universe. Our order will celebrate the Darkness.

Nietzschean Philosophy/the Lucifer Principle: “I teach you the Superman. Man is something that should be overcome.” “Man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him.” “Nature does not abhor evil; she embraces it. With it she moved the human world to greater heights of organization, intricacy, and power.”

Esoteric Empire: Power over the outer cosmos belongs to those who have mastered the inner cosmos: the sorcerers and psychic supermen, not the muggles and mundanes. Our order therefore opposes socialism, democracy and egalitarianism and favors magocracy, oligarchy and imperialism.

Cosmicism: This universe is hostile, alien, devoid of meaning and probably incomprehensible to human minds. Only by rigorous esoteric training can one learn to face the cosmic chaos without losing one's sanity. Our order will therefore have some similarities to a Lovecraftian cult.

The Primacy of Power: Our order isn’t concerned with enlightenment, justice, saving the world or other such delusions and distractions. Our only concern is acquiring power by any and all means. This is how we define “progress” and “the good".

Freedom from all Systems: Our sorcery should be unfettered by all dogmatic belief and mental rigidity. We should heed master Bruce Lee’s advice to “be like water” and “use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” Science, technology, art, magick, mysticism, martial arts, mind control, psionics, psychotropics, propaganda, poetry, religion – everything is fair game for the sorcerers of our order as we strive to master ourselves and the larger universe.

The question remains, however: What should we call this order? The Dark Energy Disciples? The Cosmist Brotherhood? The Order of the Black Sun? The Sorcerers' Guild? I consider this question very important, because words convey thoughts and thoughts convey power. Click the button below to run a little script I wrote which may stimulate some ideas. Let me know if you come up with anything interesting!

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