Saturday, February 11, 2012

Interview With A Psychic Vampire

Hymn to Nyx

With fangs of red I feed in the night
From twilight’s last gleam to dawn’s first light
And I flay, and I slay, and I slake, and I spend
Everlasting, souls without end.

From time to time I am compelled to leave my lair and make contact with mundane society, mostly for the usual mundane reasons. Recently, due to a minor health concern, I visited a so-called “naturopath”, who should really be called a witch doctor, because her ideas about health were rather, shall we say, unscientific? To make a longish story short, after a lengthy interview in which I described my physical and spiritual state in detail, this witch used some sort of digital palm reader to diagnose me as having an energy level of one (zero being dead), and characterized my condition as a case of “psychic vampirism.”

It seems that my voracious mind, being so powerful yet so lacking in sustenance, is actually starving my body of energy and bringing me to the brink of death. In this drained condition, my immune system is weakened and I am vulnerable to any number of maladies which conventional medicine is at a loss to explain. The witch therefore prescribed some powerful supplements and herbs which are supposed to dramatically increase my energy level and thereby exorcise whatever demons may possess me. I am rather ambivalent about this approach though, because while it would undoubtedly be advantageous to elevate my energy level to something higher than one notch above dead, I fear that in doing so I may lose my connection to the eldritch realms and demonic entities which so inspire me.

The witch said something else that I thought was very insightful: That I am living in a black-and-white world when I ought to be living in color. This is a brilliant description of my current mental landscape, because a typical day for me might involve reading some classic horror literature, watching a few old episodes of Dark Shadows or Twilight Zone on Netflix, meditating in darkness, and walking my Rottweiler by the moon- and starlight under the clear desert skies, through a cemetery or a bone-littered wasteland. Everywhere I go animals approach me; crows flock to me and hooved creatures beckon as if they have some great secret to convey. My vampiric sensibility is particularly heightened now that I have moved to a small town which has a density of churches that I never thought possible. Down here, my sense of spiritual separation from society is greatly heightened, and I begin to understand how Vlad Dracula must have felt when he arrived in London from his castle in the Carpathians.

I question the witch’s diagnosis that living in color is preferable for one such as me, who naturally prefers the gothic, the eldritch, the dark, the dying, the damned and the doomed to their antipodes.  Rather than exorcise this macabre obsession, I prefer to think of it as my muse to consider myself gifted, not cursed, by a keen sensitivity to that which Luciferians call the Black Flame. So, like a vampire, I choose to celebrate my elite, endarkened nature, and shun the company of those who live in the light of the White Sun.

As you can see, I am becoming as obsessed with the vampire archetype as I previously was with “Sith Master” and “Sorcerer.” Like those role models, the vampire is an antidote to all that afflicts this wretched age a being who personifies the essential elements of Black Sun ideology:
  • Aristocratic, Nietzschean sensibility 
  • Manifested power of the Dark Side/shadow self 
  • Separation from mundane, Light Side society
  • Preference for magic over science, aesthetics over utility
  • Predatory spirituality
  • Luciferian illumination, energy and creativity (the Black Flame) 

The Order of the Black Sun is my attempt to celebrate these darker aspects, to create an Axis of Darkness – an empire of vampires, sorcerers, Sith masters, Cthulhu cultists and other sinister souls who boldly manifest their endarkened natures and demand power here and now. In the Black Sun Aeon, there will be no more bowing to the wretched slave religionists, and no more kneeling before their sheep-herding gods. In the Black Sun Aeon, the Endarkened will emerge from the shadows to proudly express their predatory nature and their carnivorous genius by feeding upon the human herd animals just as the lions feed upon the lambs.

Signs and Portents: The Black Sun dawns in the uber-popular Twilight series
I know that I am traveling in mental territory that was well-known to mystics of darker ages, but which light-blinded modern peoples largely fear and shun. But the times, it seems, are changing. The explosion of interest in vampires, gothic culture, occultism and other manifestations of the primordial Abyss amidst our “enlightened” civilization is a testament to the eternal power of the Black Sun archetypes. For no matter how far mankind may spread the Light of his gods and reason, he will always be enveloped by an infinite Darkness – the beginning and end of all things, in which death awaits, the unknown lurks and demons prey in the shadow of the midnight sun.

Forever in blood and darkness,

Sean the Vampire

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