Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Psychedelic Neoreaction

I'm beginning to realize that I am part of a very small, very radical avante-garde cultural movement, which I'm calling "psychedelic neoreaction." Allow me to briefly describe the main components of our ideology.

Neoreaction: An umbrella term for various factions which oppose the entire narrative that leftists have constructed over the past two or three centuries, in which the Right are the designated losers, forever fighting a rearguard action against the inevitable march of Progress. The enemy here is “the Cathedral” (see below) and the "progress" meme itself, which is a fanatical secular religion that consigns entire cultures, religions, ideologies, tribes and ways of life to the dustbin of history. Michael Anissimov at offers the following useful map of the neoreactionary memosphere:

Anissimov defines the Cathedral as follows:

The Cathedral: The self-organizing consensus of Progressives and Progressive ideology represented by the universities, the media, and the civil service. A term coined by blogger Mencius Moldbug. The Cathedral has no central administrator, but represents a consensus acting as a coherent group that condemns other ideologies as evil. Community writers have enumerated the platform of Progressivism as women’s suffrage, prohibition, abolition, federal income tax, democratic election of senators, labor laws, desegregation, popularization of drugs, destruction of traditional sexual norms, ethnic studies courses in colleges, decolonization, and gay marriage. A defining feature of Progressivism is that “you believe that morality has been essentially solved, and all that’s left is to work out the details.” Reactionaries see Republicans as Progressives, just lagging 10-20 years behind Democrats in their adoption of Progressive norms.

In more conventional right wing and conspiracy circles, the Cathedral may sometimes be referred to as “the New World Order.”

Psychedelic: Psychedelic neoreactionaries are the subset of neoreactionaries who find various psychonautic techniques, such as psychedelic drugs, Eastern mysticism and occultism, to be useful in deconstructing the Cathedral and freeing their minds from its programming. A psyneo uses these methods as a “red pill” to awaken himself from the progressives' propaganda matrix and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

One of the great appeals of psychedelic neoreaction for me is its power to mindfuck the pedantic, pedestrian partisans of Cathedral indoctrination. In the groupthink environment created by progressives in our academic, cultural and governmental institutions, consciousness alteration can provide both a sense of liberation and an enhanced individuality. Such individuality is threatening to good progressive citizens of the Cathedral, who are often so deep in its matrix that they must be shocked into realizing the extent of their mental colonization. Psychedelic neoreactionaries are therefore a true counterculture, unlike the psychedelic pseudo-counterculture of Timothy Leary and friends, who embraced the Cathedral’s entire political platform (and may even have been an engineered advanced guard for its agenda).

Note that Anissimov lists “popularization of drugs” as part of the Cathedral platform, yet this is not inconsistent with psychedelic neoreaction. Psyneos consider the baser addictive drugs, such as heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine and alcohol, to be little more than party drugs, painkillers and sedatives, which are no threat to the Cathedral/NWO program of a docile, medicated, consumerist population. Nor do we favor psychedelics for the raucous masses; we believe, like Aldous Huxley and most of the pre-Leary psychonauts, that psychedelics are best used by a responsible cognitive elite.

Finally, as we psyneos continue to turn on and rewrite both history and the future, I would like to offer the following individual as a hero of our countercultural revolution:

This is Alfred “Captain Trips” Hubbard, the arch-conservative hillbilly genius and “Acid Messiah” who first popularized LSD among the Western elites. Hubbard’s story is one of the most incredible, yet little known of the 20th century, probably because it doesn’t fit the standard narrative of the psychedelic left. Sadly, Hubbard’s revolution was hijacked by clowns like Timothy Leary, and has languished in obscurity ever since.

Read more about Al Hubbard here, and don’t miss this podcast about Hubbard by fellow psychedelic reactionary Todd Fahey.

That’s all for now; until next time, keep on tripping and mindfucking those Cathedral sheeple, my fellow psyneos!

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