Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dark Cult #1: The Cult of Xoth

With this post I begin a new series about a number of dark cults that exist, so far as I know, only in my mind. I make these posts to plant seeds in the minds of all who stumble upon them, in hopes that they may bloom into fetid flowers of unlimited power!

For me, as a Dark Star, the creation of such cults is a spiritual imperative. Having explored the religions and spiritual paths available on this planet for many years and found them all lacking, I've finally realized that the only cults that really inspire me are those I create myself.

In the dawning Aeon, in which modernity's myths have failed and postmodern nihilism has given way to Chaoism, I believe cult creation will be a vital growth enterprise. In an age of spiritual ruin, in which cosmic awe and greatness have fled from the souls of men, I believe it will be cults such as these that revitalize and awaken a slumbering humanity, and become the foundations of powerful new empires and religions going forward.

If you would like to try your hand at dark cult creation, click on the button below. Darkest fortunes!

The Cult of Xoth:

The Cult of Xoth is an order of renegade scientists, scholars, occultists and artists who have heard the call of other gods and left mundane society far behind. Xoths practice a nameless, abysmal cosmic religion, which they believe to be of extraterrestrial origin. They consider H.P. Lovecraft to be their prophet, as the man who first revealed the true horror of humanity's cosmic predicament, prophesied the return of the Outer Gods and heralded the dawn of the new dark age.

Xoths have developed an elaborate mythos tracing the influence of their cult throughout recorded and pre-recorded history. They believe Xoths had a hidden hand in the religions of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India, the druids of archaic Britain, the astronomer-priests of the Aztecs and Mayans, the origins of Islam and primeval shamans throughout the world.

The Star Temple:

Xoth cultists have purchased an abandoned observatory in the New Mexico desert and converted it into a temple. Stone stairs and an observation platform have been built around the structure, giving it an aspect reminiscent of an ancient Mayan or Indian pyramid. Inside, Xoth astronomer-monks watch the stars religiously through the three meter telescope, paying particular attention to the dark rift housing the galaxy's supermassive black hole, and an obscure galaxy in the Bo├Âtes void where they believe green Xoth, homeworld of their gods, is located.

The cultists also conduct bizarre nighttime rituals on the temple grounds, marking various celestially significant events by burning great eldritch sigils in the earth around the perimeter of the observatory, and chanting in unison while gazing skyward toward the stars, black holes and galaxies which interest them.

There are rumors of even more sinister doings at the Star Temple; the most noxious of these concerns the alleged practice of ritual sacrifice of human beings on the observatory platform by Xoth priests during particularly propitious celestial alignments.


The Xoth cult seeks to prepare mankind for the return of the Outer Gods to earth. Xoth astronomers have complex theories and make detailed observations to predict the star alignments which will mark the onset of the Age of Return. Xoths are strong proponents of space exploration, and may have played a role in the development of space programs via occult influence on key personalities such as Jack Parsons and Wernher von Braun. However, they believe the revelations of science are too shocking for mundane minds, and should be restricted to an endarkened elite. They are also keenly interested in pychedelic drugs and the UFO phenomenon, and play an active role in attempting to open portals into our world for alien intelligences via their psychonautic research and sorcerous workings.

Philosophically, Xoths are cosmicists, who regularly meditate upon the insignificance of humanity in an entropic, dying cosmos. Politically, the cult seeks to infiltrate all power-possessing organizations worldwide, and to subvert and convert their leadership to the abysmal Xothic religion. Fundamentally, Xoths believe that humanity is deceived by the false gods of conventional religion, blinded by progress, endangered by science, and deluded by their own rational minds. They wish to lift these veils of false enlightenment to reveal the stark, dark horror of a vast cosmos ruled by alien and indifferent gods. This is the Way of Xoth.

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