Monday, March 30, 2015

Sith Academy: The Path of Power

A project I have been involved in for several years, Sith Academy, has culminated in the publication of this book:


This is the first book from Sith Academy, a dark side school founded by the first real Sith Order on this planet. The writings and exercises contained in this book are designed to awaken your Power-Craving – the first requirement of all would-be Dark Lords. 

This book will also begin to explore your “inner Dark Lord” and develop your Sith Persona – the darker, freer, more powerful being you long to be. It contains the first Echelon in our "Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery" training program, which are nine levels of training that will test your powers of mind and body to command yourself, the Force, and the world around you. 

This book also describes the Dark Lords' vision of the coming Sith Empire, the dark side religion and the spreading of their Temple's influence across this planet and beyond. 

Whether you are a dedicated disciple of the Sith Path, or are simply curious about the new way of life Sith Academy is bringing to this planet, you will find this book indispensible. Read Sith Academy: The Path of Power and be awakened, endarkened and one step closer to the summit of Sith greatness: Dark Lordship!

I feel that this "little black book" is itself a magical artifact of considerable black magical power -- the very sight of this sinister book may unnerve and fascinate the mundane. And within its pages are the outlines of a new endarkened way of life, a new culture, empire, religion, philosophy, language and symbolism.

I envision a new dark priesthood carrying this book around with them, endarkening souls and conquering minds for the Empire. So let the current powers-that-be be warned: with the publication of this book, a new power is rising on this planet, and a new Order has been declared: The Dark Age of the Sith is at hand!

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