Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Black Magicians

I recently published my first anthology:

The Black Magicians: Classic Tales of Sorcery & Evil is an anthology of classic tales and essays about mankind's most dangerous game: Black Magic! 

▪ A sinister aristocrat employs runes to curse his critics. 
▪ A soul-stealing sorcerer corrupts a whole town from a church. 
▪ An occult scientist seeks the secrets of immortality from Tibet. 
▪ Two sorcerers summon demonic powers in Medieval Europe. 
▪ A witch-doctor takes terrible revenge in darkest Africa. 
▪ The Black Lodge performs their unholiest Black Magical rite. 
▪ The reality of Black Magic by three legendary Occult masters. 

These and other tales await you in this anthology of classic writings by literary greats H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, M. R. James, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert E. Howard, W. B. Yeats, Sax Rohmer and others, and occult giants Éliphas Lévi, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune. 

This is the first book in the Dark Lords' "Library of the Occult" series of occult fiction, non-fiction and unholy books for all explorers into the dark realms of imagination. The Dark Lords are on a mission to propagate the great Black Magical literature to new generations of readers, seekers, scholars and sorcerers. They invite you to explore the world of the Black Arts in our Library of the Occult series, starting with The Black Magicians.

Evil reading and darkest dreams...

Available here, in paperback and kindle.

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