Sunday, April 10, 2016

ISIS vs. the Illuminati: The War for a New World Order

I have just published a new book:

This book explores the roots of the great conflict of our time: the war between the Islamic State and the Illuminati for a New World Order. What are the deep ideas, agendas and power structures of the “Illuminized” West that the Islamists object to, and vice versa? Who are the main players driving the war? What are their histories, myths and metaphysical beliefs? What strategies and tactics are they using to achieve victory?

In providing answers to such questions, author John Blackstone will challenge some of your preconceptions and cut through some of the propaganda that you may have been exposed to. The ISIS-Illuminati conflict cuts across all borders and threatens everyone on the planet; why not arm yourself with the most powerful weapon of all – knowledge?

Available here: ISIS vs. the Illuminati: The War for a New World Order
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